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Length: 280 pages3 hours


Leo Wilkes sees an opportunity to rescue his flagging career as a homicide detective when he finds a Somali boy murdered in a London park.
The investigation soon produces a suspect. Stephen Quatermain, a former British soldier and Gulf War veteran, is arrested. Quatermain insists that he is innocent, and Wilkes is forced to release him.
Other leads are investigated, including possible connections to terrorism. However Wilkes dismisses these, believing Quatermain is guilty.
Despite an intensive effort to find the boy's killer, the investigation grinds to a halt. Then, and close to where the boy was found, the body of a young woman is dragged from a canal. She too has been brutally murdered. Moreover, she is the daughter of a politician, a member of the Government. As a result, the case attracts the attention of the security services.
Despite arresting the prime suspects, two foreign students, the investigation ends in ignominy.
With his career hanging in the balance, Wilkes' life spirals out of control until he is offered one last chance to redeem himself. As a result, he travels to the Middle East where he learns that a man will take poison if he’s first shown death.

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