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When the tide rises

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Light, sea, existence and love. A journal of adolescence and a transit to maturity. Failures, wandering souls, loves and heartbreaks. What was. What could have been. What will be. Theory, «atheory», utopia and freedom. Some that another reflection, some possible song, some cry without receiver, any flight, new horizons, sometimes rebellious... call it POETRY.

«Life is unpredictable, like the sea. It is bad and good moments without that know what is going to return. Brings you and takes the bright suns that gave light and warmth into your life, kiss accomplice and unexpected pain, a gray afternoon and a loose verse as a passing wave, which sometimes breaks with virulence and other rock bodies in caresses. It is a stranded boat waiting to rise the tide to sail wherever the wind takes you. Life is a poem where the kisses that I stole a night under the stars are written.»

Antonio Manuel Infantes (Huelva, April 1977), is a Spanish writer.

He resides in the Huelva province town of Bollullos par del Condado, where it is natural, but also spend part of his time in Zalamea la Real, municipality of the coalfield.

He has written short stories, the literary version of short film scripts and he contributes articles to regional magazines and social bulletins and has worked and acted in productions in the Andalusian television channel Canal Sur, and other private entities in Seville. He is also a freelance commentator and voice actor. His passion is literature.

He is the author of the novel «The throne of God (Solium Dei)» (published in August 2013), which marked his first foray into historical fiction narrative. His second literary work, the collection of poems «when the tide rises» (published in December 2015), includes more than eighty poems and reflections that comprise the literary tour of his adolescence and youth, at the end of the 1990s and the first years of the new century.

His second novel, «April in sacrificial red» (published in February 2016), within the genre of historical fiction.

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