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Write Your Great Novel Course

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For a writer who wants to make a mark in fiction it can be intimidating to wonder if we are writing anything worthwhile or meaningful, or how we could possibly say anything that hasn't been said before.
This struggle likely has little to do with your skills as a writer.

Most fiction advice out there is an overview of the mechanics of story, methodically constructed, bled dry of any life, a stale formula for cookie-cutter fiction.

And how many times have we heard "just write what comes into your head", or "write what you know", and "show don't tell"?

We're about to take aim and blow away all the smoke.
Let's look to the greatest authors who ever lived. The ones we all remember.

The great authors of the past struggled too. But they left footprints...
There are commonalities discovered in the efforts of Great Authors. As you are about to see, powerful fiction can be achieved by anyone with a desire to create.

The 7 Fundamentals:

1. Theme - the question "what to write about" quickly vanishes
2. Originality - you unique expression
3. Judgement - your enemies will be powerless against you
4. Perfectionism - write your story as is, warts and all
5. Truth - ground your fiction in powerful ways
6. The Role of Fiction - don't start writing without this principle
7. Subconscious - 5 steps to never run dry of inspiration

Deconstructing fiction of the greatest authors and award-winning fiction

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