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Apocalypse Soon

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Jesus promised a blessing to those who read Revelation, so the aim of this book is to explain exactly what John has written, assisting the reader in attaining an enhanced level of understanding & therefore better able to receive their blessing. Therefore this is a guide, or roadmap for the book of Revelation that is contained within the Bible. It begins with a brief overview in the book of Daniel which describes ‘the end times’. Lessons learnt from there are then applied to interpret Revelation, which is dealt with from start to finish in great detail.

It also covers an explanation on the original Greek where an explanation is beneficial or important & where applicable, also a small amount of Hebrew words are examined too. In addition, God’s judgements are revealed to be identifiable earthly events. Volcanoes exploding, polluting & killing the land, darkening the sky & causing problems for the earth dwellers. This is just one of the judgements from God. Each & every seal, trumpet & bowl judgement is examined, each is identified & explained, even with the current level of scientific knowledge, which perfectly explains what John has described. The mark of the beast is also clearly explained, along with a who’s who in the unholy trinity.

Each chapter is covered in detail & provides more than 2,000 links to the Bible & internet resources if the reader wishes to research a subject in greater detail. Colour images are also included to help the reader understand what can sometimes be complicated subjects.

This is a journey through the Old Testament into the New Testament, through Revelation, past Armageddon & ends in the New Jerusalem on the new earth. Is that enough of a blessing for you?

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