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A Neighborhood Party

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Harry walked behind the well stocked bar and mixed the drinks quickly and skillfully while he hummed happily to himself. He knew now that as soon as he had Marsha's agreement on the seduction of their young, luscious new neighbor that it wouldn't be long before he was in. She had never failed him yet when she had put her heart in a thing and he knew that she had an interest also in the young punk of a husband the girl had. He and Marsha made a good pair, he mused as he poured two generous shots of vodka into each glass on the bar in front of him. They both liked the innocent, virginal type that took some real work and planning to get at. The triumph was so much greater when it became a real act of seduction and not just one of the swapping things that they had become so involved in. Of course, he enjoyed those too, but the recruiting of new members was the fun part. Taking two young innocents this way and leading them on into a social life that they thought was modern and liberal until all of a sudden...

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