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Life's journeys are fraught with pain, difficulties, and despair. And yet it is our search for hope and happiness that inspires us to overcome these obstacles. JOURNEY is a collection of stories that cuts close to the bone of life, love, and courage . . . to remind us that the choices we make can change the future.

I was just hungry. That’s the lie and the truth of it. ~ I was just Hungry by Melissa Adendorff

The story of a young girl who is plagued by loneliness and the journey she undergoes to set herself free. ~Lonely by Michelle Kemp

Marjean’s past is resurrected by men wanting answers, revenge, and redemption. ~ The Wars of Men by Charmain Lines

Jenna, an overworked journalist, makes two friends on a train trip that help her find the courage she needs to face her deep-seated problems head-on. ~ Break Away by Andrea Vermaak

Richie and Jennie loved each other but his addiction tore them apart. His drug overdose brings them back together and forces them to face their demons. ~ Destiny by René van Dalen

Galen lost everything he held dear. Can he find one reason to carry on? ~ Galen's Hope by Linzé Brandon

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