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Sonnet of Empowerment: A Superior Approach to Life

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Why? Because just as two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time in the law of physics; two opposing thoughts cannot occupy the same mind at the same time in the physics of the mind.

This priceless collection of conscious-shifting invocations is small but mighty. The only instruction to transform your life with this superior approach is to recite them audibly every day. The Sonnet of Empowerment prepares you to be ready to receive all the wealth and happiness that are already yours by Divine Right with miracles that follow miracles and wonders that never cease! In the soul there is a feeling that when found, ignites health, wealth, and happiness automatically. It is not to attempt to attract the riches on the outside into your life, but rather, to extract the riches from within your soul; riches that have been there all along, buried beneath your fears and doubts.

This Sonnet makes you better and better every day and stronger and wiser in every way. The introduction describes how I went from postal worker to a newspaper publisher in two short years using affirmations that weren’t even clear; but led me to an approach so superior that I can now achieve whatever my mind conceives and for that, I am happy and grateful to share my empowering sonnet with you.

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