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Under Her Skin

86 pages54 minutes


A wilted flower never gets sent. A scarred woman never finds love.

Ari intimately knows these two truths. She works as a florist. Her job is to create beauty. But a horrible car accident left her permanently scarred. She’s buried herself in her work and stayed to busy to think about her lonely nights and empty heart. A trip to Greece changes her life forever.

When Ari falls asleep in the ruins of an ancient temple, she dreams of a place where her outside is as beautiful as her inside. It’s just a dream, but even so they wake the Greek God of healing, Asclepius. It’s been so long since anyone has prayed to him, and he knows he’s just the man to give Ari everything she desires. He takes mortal form and comes to her with only one goal: to show her she’s as beautiful as her floral arrangements.

Her tears woke him. His passion will heal her heart.

This is a re-release of a previously published book by the same title.

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