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The Intervention Series

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Would you let your friends take over your life?

Meet Delaney, Josie and Summer, best friends with questionable boundaries and only the best intentions. In The Intervention Series, they set out to fix each other's lives, demonstrating that sometimes an intervention is necessary ... and sometimes our friends know us better than we know ourselves. 

Readers say these novels are "packed with just the right amount of wit and heart." 

The Dating Intervention

When Delaney Collins's fail-proof dating system fails completely, she's forced to reevaluate her past, present, and future. Forced, as in her two best friends, Josie Garcia and Summer Gray, stage The Dating Intervention and take complete control of everything from her romantic exploits to her career. With the kind of tough love and questionable boundaries present only between lifelong friends, Josie and Summer help Delaney overcome a troubled past and forge a path to a perfectly imperfect life.

The Marriage Intervention

Lately, Josie Garcia and her husband Paul clash like peanut butter and pickles. Even worse, after talking with her best friends, Delaney Collins and Summer Gray, Josie's convinced that she's mostly to blame for the divide. To make matters more complex, Josie's boss—with whom she secretly shares an intense past—is giving her the attention she's been craving. With the tough love and questionable boundaries present only between lifelong friends, Delaney and Summer stage The Marriage Intervention to help Josie redefine herself and reignite her marriage.

The Motherhood Intervention

Summer Gray is exhausted, overwhelmed, and approaching her breaking point. She's due to give birth to her fifth child, and her older son's heart surgery is just around the corner. As if things weren't tense enough, Summer's estranged mother shows up on her doorstep, claiming that she wants to repair their relationship after fifteen years. When Summer admits to her best friends, Josie Garcia and Delaney Collins, that she daydreams of a hospital stay-cation, they stage The Motherhood Intervention to help Summer rediscover the life she loves and forgive her mother in the process.

What Readers Say 

"Hilary Dartt's ability to create likable, clever, relatable characters makes the three main characters in her Intervention trilogy feel like your new best friends. The storylines are quick-paced and packed with just the right amount of wit and heart. I would highly recommend this book to those who are looking for a quick, light-hearted, and very entertaining read." - Amazon reviewer

"I am so sad this series is over. Summer, Josie and Delaney have taken up residence in my heart. I am crazy about these characters. They feel more like real-life friends. Not the perfect kind, but the kind that is human, full of mistakes, honest, can drive you insane, loving, introspective, has great advice and is always there for you." - Bloggin' & Writing

"I loved this series! The books felt real. Like it could be me and my best friends going through the struggles and triumphs. Can't wait to read more from this author." - Amazon reviewer

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