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Three Sisters at the Revolution

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Imagine a world of too much freedom.
Imagine having too many choices.
Imagine foreign languages flooding the television. Imagine gangsters being the only ones making good money. Imagine your parents losing all of their life savings in a matter of weeks. Imagine your children enamored with another country and dreaming of leaving. Imagine your nation imploding from being a world leader to a supplicant for aid in a matter of a few short years.
Because of an invitation to witness the last rocket launch of the 1980s to the Russian space station, Jeffrey Manber was an eyewitness to this unholy world.
"Three Sisters" is the true story of what he saw.
The memoir opens a window onto the lives of three friends, Olga, Little Irena and Crazy Irena, as they struggled to understand the changing world and how to survive. While Americans celebrated the collapse of the Soviet Union, everyday Moscovites confronted the reality of a society where the government had lost control and services and business and law and order were left to the private sector.
For Manber, in Russia to develop cooperation with their space program, it was also an eye opener as to what it really means to be both Jewish and American. Lessons the author learned, in all places, in a faraway place called Moscow.

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