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In this short book, I have attempted to inspire and initiate a collective awakening to new possibilities that borders on a "different path" for African leadership - urgently needed to close the sickening gap between the recent past and Africa's prodigious future. Chapter One tries to deliberate on the repulsive legacy of the "typical" African leadership and the case for change. In Chapter Two, I attempt to discuss the imperative to fan the embers of the Afrocentric leadership revolution that has begun already. Chapter Three briefly explores the need to embrace an education archetype for leadership in Africa: one that posits a binary view or philosophy I call "Heart x Mind" - where "education" is not exaggeratedly reliant on cognitive abilities or superior academic achievements but one that is proselytised in sound value systems. You will certainly enjoy reading this book! It's quick, vivid, provocative and immersive. More importantly, it's beautifully written, intimately reported and passionately argued.

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I am yet to see a book that's the product of just one person. This is particularly the case with this quick-read, Future Now - a book I hope would help upgrade the culture and standard of leadership in all facets of endeavour across the African continent.

First and foremost, I would like to thank God, whose grace and love I have richly enjoyed while putting my pen to work. It's been a steep learning and rewarding experience.

To my wife, Nenye, whose unfeigned love, friendship, support, and exemplary character has not only given me the peace of mind to do my creative work but has made my life so joyful. Thank you for not only believing, but knowing that I could do this! I Love You Always!

For understanding my long days and nights away, I would like to thank my children, Sean-Chris, Karissa, and Christine, whose destiny remind me every day of the essence of my work and life’s pursuits.

To Dr. Anthony Aligba, my beloved brother, whose fluent language of generosity and kindness means so much to me, and whose input I always hold valuable. I am incredibly grateful to you and God for who you are, Man Lee. You are more-than-a-brother!

To my associates at Revigorer and #TeamCA, whose commitment and devotion to my work has been unparalleled, working alongside me even when it meant staying up all night. This short book and other books coming could not have been written without your diligent and unswerving contributions. I thank you most warmly and enormously too.

Lastly, to the spiritual and mental giants whose shoulders I stand upon, and the very many teachers and mentors who have shaped so much of my thinking since youth, I acknowledge you incalculably, and I salute you all for your love and your faith in me.

Table of Contents



A Brief Introduction


The Case for a Radical Shift


Wake Up, Africa! Change is here!!


Educating the Mind and Heart


The Choice that Cannot Wait


APPENDIX (Toolkit)

Author’s Preface

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.Margaret Mead

A Brief Introduction

Africa is on the move, no doubt. But there are very hard questions we must ask. Why have African leaders been unable to bring about inclusiveness in historically highly exclusive environments taking cognizance that this is a vital step for stability and solid growth? To what extent really is the African continent appropriately positioned for a decisive and tenacious obliteration of the discrepancies on its growth trajectory while creating jobs not just in the robust states but in the many fragile states? Why is the continent harshly unconducive for a greater majority of Africans - to the point that professionals and educated citizens continue to seek a better life outside Africa - at the same time that they