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A Hot Box of Firefighters
A Hot Box of Firefighters
A Hot Box of Firefighters
Ebook111 pages1 hour

A Hot Box of Firefighters

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About this ebook

A Hot Box of Firefighters

Six blazing hot stories of firefighters and the women who start, and put out, sexual blazes with them.

Lace on Clay: When Lace and Clay connect, their creative imaginations spark an intensely passionate blaze.

Burn for Me: They turn up the heat and experiment to find the answer to which sense is most closely linked with desire.

Wildfire: The morning firefighter Marco Jacobs, comes in for breakfast, their growing attraction becomes a wildfire.

Light My Fire: Cleo Jones always had a thing for next door neighbor, firefighter Gunner Nielsen. When he rescues her in the middle of a downpour, the flames of attraction begin to burn.

Silken Bonds: When firefighter Sam suggests taking their loving to a new level, Devi learns that a handful of scarves can start a bonfire.

Sam’s Turn: It’s Devi’s turn to set Sam’s world ablaze (a continuation of Silken Bonds from Sam’s perspective).

Release dateOct 11, 2016
A Hot Box of Firefighters
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    A Hot Box of Firefighters - Cooper McKenzie

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    Coop McK, LLC Book

    Erotic Romance


    Copyright © 2016 by Cooper McKenzie

    Print Book ISBN: 978-0-9885237-8-4

    E-Book ISBN: 978-0-9885237-9-1

    First E-book Publication: October 2016

    Cover design: Jinger Heaston

    Cover photographer: HeatherLynn Portraits

    Edited: Silver Lining Editing

    All cover art and logo copyright © 2016

    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: This literary work may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic or photographic reproduction, in whole or in part, without express written permission.

    All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.


    Coop McK, LLC

    Georgetown, TX


    To My Readers: Without you, I would be sitting

    in the corner of the asylum telling stories to my socks.

    Lace on Clay

    Close your eyes, lay back, and put yourself in my hands for the next thirty minutes, Clay’s gentle voice requested.

    Lace’s stomach knotted and she fought down the giggles that had popped up frequently during the last hour of their phone call. If I do that I might fall asleep, she said softly.

    It had only been a month since she had met Clay, but in those four weeks, she had entered an unknown realm far beyond anything she had ever dreamt of. They talked, flirted, traded obtuse observations on the world, as well as hot sexual innuendoes, and their thinking was on the same wavelength on so many levels. It was as if they had known each other forever. They even agreed the pottery-making scene in the movie Ghost was the hottest thing they had ever seen.

    No way will you fall asleep. Are you all wrapped up and warm?

    Yes, she breathed, looking down through the semi–darkness at the old quilt covering her from chin to toes.

    She had turned out the lights in her living room and stretched out on the couch. The streetlight directly across the road shined through the front windows, offering plenty of light to see by. A winter storm had raged outside for two days, finally ending about sundown. She had been chilled all day, even now wearing a warm, fuzzy, red cardigan over her oversized sleep shirt and flannel pajama bottoms. She had been wearing socks, but had taken them off when they began to strangle her ankles.

    Her sleep shirt was nothing fancy, just an old T-shirt faded from black to medium gray from many washes over the years. Nowadays she could barely read the phrase, If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space, printed on the back. That saying was why she had bought the shirt to begin with. She had wanted the reminder to be brave, take chances, and outgrow her past emotionally abusive marriage.

    The shirt had become a comfortable old friend, perfect for lounging around in. No one besides her had ever seen it. Lately she had been thinking it might be time to go shopping for a new nightshirt, something sexy and frilly. Something that wasn’t four sizes too big. Something she wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in by Clay or anyone else.

    Now we’re going to relax your bones.

    Mmmm, okay.

    Lace clutched the cell phone, pressing it closer to her ear as his deep, gentle voice hypnotized her. His soft words had a way of carrying her out of herself and her little house to a place where they were together, at least in their imaginations.

    I’m blindfolded and hungry for something sweet. Have you placed the M&Ms?

    Lace thought of the small bag of candy on top of the microwave. Tempted to fetch them for a late night snack to go with this late night phone call from her station-bound fireman, she decided against it. She didn’t want to leave her warm cocoon. Though nervous about the turn their conversation had taken, her body responded, growing more excited by the minute.

    They’re in place.

    Okay, I have to find the M&Ms, but I have to drop straight down on top of them. No birddog snuffling around, Clay murmured, his voice dark and low. A quiver started in her stomach, causing her breathing to catch for a second.

    Snuffling wouldn’t be so bad, Lace sighed as she relaxed into the couch and pulled the quilt closer around her body.

    Do your girls, the twins, liked to be played with?

    The candy game was forgotten as the conversation veered off in yet another direction. All their conversations followed the same nonlinear path, drifting from serious to funny to sensuous and back again. What started as a few minutes of teasing and flirting between strangers at an art show where she had been displaying some of her work a month ago had turned into a flurry of emails over the last weeks, and now this first late night phone call. Laughter and innuendoes had flown back and forth with each email, and now after over an hour of talking, the mood shifted, growing more intense and intimate.

    Oh yeah, she breathed, her face burning with heat of growing arousal and embarrassment.

    So playing with the twins is a good thing?

    She grinned into the darkness. The hand not occupied holding the phone unbuttoned the sweater’s single button that sat between the full mounds of the twins he was talking about. It easily slid through the hole and the sweater slipped apart. Playing with the twins tunes everything up, she purred as she stroked over the T-shirt before pinching one already erect nipple between thumb and forefinger.

    Really? He sounded like he had never heard that before from a woman. Or maybe it was that she so easily shared the information that caught him off guard.

    Oh, yeah.

    Then we’ll have to do something about that. But first a kiss. Long, slow, and easy before I move down to visit with the twins.

    Lace found herself panting at the thought of kissing Clay. It had been so long since she had kissed a man, especially one with a mustache. For a moment, she wished she was brave enough to bundle up and venture out into the storm for a late night visit, but this thing between them was still new enough that she did not know if he would appreciate the gesture or not. Or if he would take one look at her and turn away in disappointment.

    Except for that first meeting at the art show, email had been their only contact.

    Still with me? he asked when she did not respond.

    Oh yeah, she whispered.

    Good. My tongue is a paintbrush. What do you think my favorite shape is?

    Lace smiled, A circle?

    Yep, a circle. I’m going to paint tight circles around the twins, first one, then the other. Tight little circles. Then I’m going to trace down your body and draw circles over your stomach, Clay’s voice deepened.

    Lace did not know how to respond.

    How you doing? he asked after several seconds of silence.

    Good, she managed to whisper, not sure how much longer she would be able to form words. She was already panting and could not seem to hold still. Her skin had grown so sensitive she thought she could feel his touch brush across her belly.

    Then I’ll go even lower and move from hip to hip, brushing your skin with fingers and tongue. Back and forth, slow and easy from hip to hip.

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