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The Toxic Zodiac

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We all have a dark side which we go out of our way to keep hidden. We usually keep the monster within well-hidden when we are trying to impress friends, lovers, colleagues and anybody else with whom we wish to get along. For most of us the monster within only makes brief appearances. For others the monster chooses not to hide at all – these people are fully paid up members of the Toxic Zodiac. So, who are they? And where do you fit when you’re at your worst?
It’s time to meet the Toxic Twelve:
Aggressive Aries: Aggressive, selectively deaf and intolerant.
Toxic Taurus: Self-indulgent, materialistic bore. Slow moving and prone to epic rages.
Gossipy Gemini: A vicious gossip, your star sign is synonymous with cheating.
Crabby Cancer: At your worst you are a clingy, moody one person whingefest. Over-sensitive and overbearing you just won’t give your partner room to breathe will you?
Lordly Leo: Wow the ego has landed! Stubborn, wilful and foul tempered.
Vicious Virgo: The zodiac’s nit-picking, hypochondriac
Low Libra: Along with Leo you are the vainest of the Zodiac signs. You are as nit-picking as any Virgo and as much of a gold digger as Capricorn at their worst.
Scathing Scorpio: Vengeful, vindictive and ruthless, everyone hides when you come round the corner.
Snarky Sagittarius: Hot-headed and argumentative, you are notorious for failing to look before you leap. You are also supremely tactless and incapable of being faithful.
Cruel Capricorn: You are as critical and perfectionist as Virgo and even more status seeking.
Arrogant Aquarius: One of the zodiac’s voyeurs, like Scorpio, you have the Scorpionic approach to privacy as well. Intellectually arrogant and judgmental, you are as supercilious and snarky as any Sagittarian at their worst. It’s second nature to you to point how inadequate everyone else’s efforts are and how unoriginal their thinking is.
Pity Party Pisces: And now for the final sign in our rogue’s gallery – pity party Pisces. Oh dear you are a wet blanket, aren’t you? Misery loves company and you are more than happy to invite misery in for a nice bottle of wine.
The Toxic Zodiac walks you through the twelve Zodiac signs and explores Moon signs (emotions), Mars signs (levels of aggression and likely triggers, self-centredness), Mercury signs (communication style and how the person processes information) and Venus sign (behaviour in romance including jealousy, controlling behaviour and jealousy).
The Toxic Zodiac also covers how easy the twelve Zodiac signs find it to get rid of a toxic person along with their likelihood of becoming victims of toxic behaviour or exhibiting it.

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