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Time Will Tell

165 pages2 hours


This title was previously published in an anthology.

Tonya Cole was set to marry Roman Thomas, and all was right in her world. That is until his best friend and best man, Grayson Porter, accused her of cheating just days before the wedding. Instead of standing by Tonya, Roman dumped her—hard—and left her with nothing, no job, no place to live, and no hope. Devastated, Tonya flees Charlotte, North Carolina with a vow never to return, but seven years later, when she’s rebuilt her life in Los Angeles, Grayson shows up to ask her to come home.

Grayson Porter cannot deny the attraction he’s always felt for Tonya, but how can he forgive her for the past? He brought her home for a reason, but he can’t keep his hands off of her now that she no longer belongs to his best friend. Lies and deception lay between them, and a future together seems dim. Can they look past their mistakes to discover the truth and a lasting love?

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