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Women in the Military



DARK SHADOW RISING is a fast-paced, political thriller of 76,000 words in the vein of The Pelican Brief.

Ann Whitney's in love with her scruffy, Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter husband. All is well in her world until a plane crashes over Dubrovnik. When she learns it was carrying the Secretary of Energy and executives from telecommunication, banking, and energy, and her investigative reporter husband, she sets out to find out what happened.

Ann soon runs into the widower of the secretary of Energy and together they set out to find the real story.

As they delve into the information, they begin to question who's at fault. It could be the Air Force, the Bosnians, a pilot who's gone terrorist or crazy, the CIA, The Pentagon, The President, or someone else closer to home.
What they find is more questions, chief among them: What was her husband really investigating, and what is Safe Haven?

Soon, they're being hunted and time is running out...

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