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His One True Passion: Everlasting Regency Romance Series

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His One True Passion: Everlasting Regency Romance Series

Length: 256 pages4 hours


Friends, or lovers? The relationship between scandalous Lady Hedworth and Major Lord Cambwell has teased and annoyed the gossiping mamas of the ton for years. 

After all, it's whispered that Frances killed a man in India. And wasn't it the handsome major who brought her home to England alone after her husband disappeared?

The gossips shiver, suggesting that Lady Hedworth knows more about her husband's disappearance than she admits. 

Is Frances's husband dead, or alive? After four years, he's almost certainly dead. In her worst moments however, Frances fears that her husband may be alive.

What the gossips don't know is that Peter regularly asks Frances to marry him. Just as regularly, she refuses. 

When Frances realizes that she's becoming too attached to Peter she resolves to break the connection. Then Frances is accused of murder, and Peter may be the only person who can save her.

Will she admit that she's in love with Peter before it's too late?

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