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Golden Sun

388 pages5 hours


After her daring escape from the Lorvale dungeons, Laelia has been living among the Drow in the underground city Ban Houyukat, but she hasn't yet given up and doesn't plan to stay for much longer and soon begins her trek back to Anglatia with Allovera and Lyna by her side. Meanwhile, in Lorvale trouble continues to brew. The Senbeorth family moves near to the castle by order of the king, where Marianus is questioning his past decisions, Jaxith is falling apart from the guilt, and Dominicus just tries his best to hold it together. When Laelia arrives and begins the stirring of something bigger and once more finds a surprising ally, things only get worse. Loyalty will be tested. One of the dead will turn out to be alive. Laelia is coming closer than ever before to her goals, but yet more obstacles and another cruel betrayal lie in wait as Allovera finds herself having to choose between love and hope...

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