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Four Gods

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The great Kingdom of Tarlath, a land of historic idolatry and ruled by a cruel and oppressive tyrant. The long-standing statues of the Old Gods had been torn down and broken in pieces, their names consigned to breathless whispers by pockets of the surviving faithful. Shrines are desecrated and worship of the Old Gods is declared a corrupt practice and those who refuse to obey the Kings laws with idolatrous worship are charged with rank treason punishable by death.

There is great unrest in the four cardinal directions. They fear King Gomorrah, a cold and ruthless King whose greed could not be satisfied. He has created soulless creatures born of Old magic and calls them his Meldlings and where they go death follows. His greed will see him build an army of these beasts and there will not be a single piece of land he will not conquer.

In the East the weak divided tribes of the Ruined Lands are beginning to unite, forming a strong, unified single nation that will not be cowed or bend their knee. Those that were once enemies will become allies, forming one of the largest most ferocious armies ever seen by the eyes of man.

In the west the Nakaloo are constructing siege engines and enormous timber war machines capable of levelling buildings and forming alliances in the South with the Piathaleas who control the ports across the waters. They are readying for war, fearing a ruler in another land.

In the North, a boy with no face and consumed with hatred begins his journey, following a pre-destined path that will see him become leader. Elsewhere, the Kings most trusted becomes his most hated. He who protects the Royal blood is branded a traitor to the realm and hunted by a creature of unimaginable power and strength born from Old magic.

But those that stand defiant against the King are not alone. In their darkest hour the First and the Last are awakened, four beings born of Old magic. Ready to walk them, suffer with them once again.

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