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Revenge Of The Poets I - Warren Mposi

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A hollow breeze blows across a cast off cemetery, emaciated trees line the sidewalks leading the way to rows of graves unfolding far beyond the skyline. Moon-kissed hills along the meadow is all that can be seen. A church sits alone boarded by horrid contrasts of fading bushes and lifeless grass, dark clouds gather above the church with the sound of thunder howling down from the heavens. A shattered window lets in the only light. Unkempt curtains sway, shifting the volume of darkness within the room. A blood stippled light bulb shimmers as it sways from a unfastened wire in the ceiling, as the volume of darkness weakens in the room an eyesore of overturned furniture covered in blood with dainty shredded old family photographs oozing red are easily spotted in the room. It was on this day, the poets claimed their revenge.

Warren Mposi

Children Of The Soil

Stand I say!

That puddle of self pity in which you wallow

Is not the result of what you lack

'Less you pay attention to the words you hear and not swallow

The energy you ingest will reflect your inner being

But you have to opt to whether you see this image in toilet water

Or in mirrors that show your best features

Walk I say!

For those feet grip your path and keep to it

Let your knees bend for your wants and needs

Till your legs give in to the Rhode beneath

Where you'll find minerals and mines you'll