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The Ocean Shadows

Length: 51 pages47 minutes


Water is life. Water is death.

There is something that hides in the imposing forest that overlooks an idyllic Oregon coastal town, something that lured Oscar, the best witch hunter in Navajoland, to his death. It is something that was hidden for so long. It patiently waited for the right time to return.

Michael, a fellow hunter, answers the call. He is in search of what really happened to Oscar, and he quickly finds out there is more to his murder. Michael is outnumbered, and alone in such a foreign place.

He will have to face an evil that poisons an impossible forest lake, and monsters from the distant past who were thought to be long dead. Armed with a white buffalo blade and a mysterious pouch, he will have to fight against the tide and save himself from drowning in the crushing darkness of the ocean.

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