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Talon Dance

Length: 79 pages1 hour


The eagle clans of the mountains have enjoyed two decades of peace. Clan warfare has ceased, and people have settled into normal lives, but that is all about to change. Dagazhin, the crow witch from the north, has returned and he is bent on unleashing his wicked wrath upon the eagles who banished him.

Kate, the next leader of her clan, knew something was terribly wrong when her brother, Thunder, did not return with his band of trackers sent to find Dagazhin.

Along with her companion Allen, Kate will go against the elders' wishes and leave the village to track down her brother without their help.

As Kate searches for Thunder, she will encounter dark crow magic, twisted creatures, and old gods long thought dead. Kate will battle the crows in the sky, outnumbered and alone. She has to stop Dagazhin before he resurrects an ancient evil from Navajo lore, the flying monster who terrorized the land before the mythical warrior twins ended it. Kate will have to face the monster atop Spider Rock. She will have to endure the pain of her past. She will have to rise.

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