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Hell's Belles: Damned Girl, #3

238 pages3 hours


Meet Hell's hottest new intern.

Nessa has no magic licence, no money, and no choice but to take up an apprenticeship in Hell. Working for her old friend Satan isn't so bad – Hell, it turns out, is a lot like Las Vegas. Well, except for the dungeons out back which Nessa is forbidden from visiting.

Trouble is, Nessa thinks there might be someone in those dungeons who has what she wants: information. Maybe they can tell her why everyone from Satan to The Department of Magic and Death to the annoying (to put it mildly) poltergeist Ed is so interested in her abilities.

When a goblin turns up dead in Hell – a problem, since he didn’t arrive that way – Nessa needs to find out who killed him. Murder is not good for tourism, after all, and if the matter is not cleared up quickly, Satan might just lose her cool.

And let's be honest, that won’t end well for anybody.

It’s Hell like you’ve never seen it before! If you enjoy funny paranormal mysteries, this series is for you. Download now to join Nessa on her adventures in the underworld.

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