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Forever the Colours

Length: 239 pages3 hours


Dead? Dreaming? Mad?
When Tommy Evans regains consciousness after being injured on the battlefield of modern-day Afghanistan, the world around him is not the same. Filled with cannon smoke, gunfire and the whinnying of horses, Tommy inexplicably finds himself somehow transported to the past – back to the eve of one of the British army’s worst defeats in the second Anglo-Afghan war: the Battle of Maiwand. Now he must find his way back home or face the very real possibility of perishing along with most of the soldiers of the 66th Foot, the Berkshire Regiment.  Tommy Evans will experience first hand the life and deprivations of a Victorian British soldier, from the food, clothing and equipment, to fighting close quarter battles with antiquated weapons.  He meets some endearing and great characters from the past, meets the British Indian army, and truly learns the meaning of comradeship.  
Rave reviews received from With Rifle And Pack and Airsoft Action Magazine as well as a great endorsement from Author and ex war correspondent Robert Low of the Oathsworn and Kingdom Series of historical fiction.  The work has also been entered into the Peoples Book Prize competition, of which Frederick Forsyth CBE is the patron.
About Robert Low Richard said:
"It was a real honour to receive praise and endorsement from this great author of exciting historical fiction".

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