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The Plague of Jealousy: The Story of a Healing

Length: 78 pages57 minutes


"Jealousy - How it got me and how i got rid of it" The story of a healing by Hanne Baar.Jealousy is a condition with its own poisoned perception, its own poisoned thinking, feeling and acting. Jealousy keeps a lid on what we fear most: Being shoved aside for somebody or something else. In her consultant psychologist practice, Hanne Baar has often encountered the misery and privation of jealousy, and endeavored to cure it. Despite this and against all reason she was one day struck down by it herself and life changed over night. This book helps to understand more deeply the excruciating and irritating feelings of jealousy (of your own, as well as of others) and tells how to get through them.

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