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Set in today's world where military missions change direction faster than the financial markets on Wall Street, Special Forces soldier Sergeant Adrian Reilly has selflessly served his country and its agenda du jour until the black and white of life lived under a chain of command becomes blurred by the infinite shades of grey found in covert ops. Wrongfully discharged, Reilly is secretly recalled by the CIA Deputy Director for Operations to bring him definitive proof that its Deputy Director for Counterintelligence, Charlie O'Donnell, is the traitor Reilly had claimed him to be. To clear his name and avenge the deaths of his fallen comrades, Reilly's strength and resolve are tested as he searches for the linchpin to an intricate web of lies but his ability to battle any contingency cannot fully prepare him for the depth of O'Donnell's conspiracies, who the man holds in death's grip, or the love that may ultimately be sacrificed in order to stop a madman's vengeful quest to destroy them all.

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