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Millennium 3

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A World With Women in Charge

The woman you truly are, right now, is perfect for where you are on your path, but you must look at yourself honestly and not through some distorted lens — a lens formed by the ideas of someone else.”

Women today, at the beginning of the third millennium, have much to complain about. They are living in a male-controlled universe, and the males haven’t done a great job over the last ten thousand years! What if, by the end of this millennium, the women control governments and businesses? Their workdays are short. There is plenty of time for family, recreation and education. On the surface it sounds utopian. Well, almost …

There are a few struggles for today’s women that can’t be blamed on men or ten millennia of patriarchy. Some struggles are simply part of the human condition and will probably be a part of our lives forever.

Join three middle-aged friends in the year 2953 as they struggle with mid-life crises that will be familiar to many women. Mariha has been a devoted mother but now must rethink who she is after her children have all married and left home. Huma is a recent widow trying to redefine herself. Nadia is dissatisfied with her career as an artist; she feels constrained by artificial standards for public art.

This is Ron Frazer’s sixth novel. He is the author of Time Branches and the Jacinta Joseph Caribbean Adventures, all of which feature women taking control of their lives, often to the dismay of others.

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