Mandrake Falls Romance Boxed Set Edition

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Mandrake Falls Romance Boxed Set Edition

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Four brides. Four seasons. One rocky road to romance. Mandrake Falls Four Seasons Romance Boxed Set Edition: Four full-length contemporary romances set in small town Mandrake Falls, Vermont. Heart-warming, feel-good comedy romance. Each novel contain warm-to-spicy love scenes written for a mature audience.
The Jilting - Summer: Scout and Ryder were best friends forever until one of them wanted to get married.
Lie for Me - Autumn: Shelby and Sawyer are sworn enemies until they pretend to be in love. Is the lie really the truth?
The Way Home - Winter: Stuck together for the holidays, the one thing Hudson Grace and actress Michael Shannon agree on is to never fall in love.
Love Rising - Spring: He is a struggling stage manager. She is a gold-digging beauty. Nobody expected them to fall in love. Least of all, Jeremy and Jocelyn.

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