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Understanding Marriage

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What is marriage in the kingdom of God? How does God view marriage in His kingdom? Is it compulsory for all Christians to marry at some point in their lives?

Most believers all around the world have misplaced the purpose of marriage in the kingdom of God, thereby marrying life-partners for the wrong reasons.

In this book Understanding Marriage Eze Onukwubiri uses Romans 12:2 to explain the expectations of God regarding marriage and what marriage is about for God’s children. It explains how you can make the perfect choice for your marriage based on God’s word.

Reading the message conveyed in Understanding Marriage will excite you and renew your mindset for the best regarding marriage.

About the author
Eze Onukwubiri is a man sent by God with a divine message of love to demonstrate the character of the Holy Spirit to the world. He has been in the ministry for more than five years exhibiting the character of Christ to his World by preaching and leading men to the word of truth.

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