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Door to Inner Voice: Mysterious Rune Meanings: Rune Guide for Love and Career

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We are all too easy to get lost either in love or in career among the mundane crowd where the noise, self-conceit, and lack of communication create invisable wall between heart and heart, especially between those sweethearts. How is it painful to imprison ourselves when sunshine looks just within our touch but the unnamble silence mutes all supposed-to-be happiness! How to deal with it? Should we sink or should we rise and dance? Where could we hear the inner voice of the beloved and where could we see the invisable pattern of our pains, the root cause of our sufferings? Here you are, there IS divine guidance when you focus on your issues that could be revealed by the truthful explanation of real life experiences through divine runes. This is a collection of rune meanings in love and career based on author's understanding of ancient wisdom in rune readings. This book is intended to help those wandering souls to get back to the right track and hark the voice of inner heart aligned with the universe and eternal spirit in this rambling world.

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