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Progress in Boron Chemistry: Volume 2

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Progress in Boron Chemistry, Volume 2 presents the chemistry and applications of boron and its compounds. This book provides a critical treatment of six areas of boron chemistry, including polyhedral borane ions, carboranes, polymers, hydrogen, metal borides, and elemental boron.
Organized into six chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the structures as well as the synthesis of polyhedral borane anions. This text then examines the various types of classes and series of the carboranes. Other chapters consider the relatively intramolecular rearrangements and intramolecular exchange reactions concerning the various closo-carboranes and nido-carboranes. This book discusses as well the formation and the historical significance of a higher boron hydride polymer. The final chapter deals with the structural utilization of boron filaments, which promises to be the first large-scale use for comparatively high purity elemental boron.
This book is intended to be suitable for boron chemists, chemical engineers, scientists, and research workers.

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