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Jake Slade

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In a not so distant future, Jake Slade’s world has taken many twists and turns. He has a beautiful wife, a career as a police officer, and a best friend who also happens to be the partner he fights crime with. Life was going well until the day of the plane crash.

It’s been two years since the crash and Jake is managing life as well as he can. Now a private detective, Jake and his new partner Jane are two of the few good people left doing their part to protect Chicago against crime.

A random encounter with a mysterious woman fleeing from her ironhanded husband, Jake is brought into a situation that will challenge the very fiber that he is made of. He soon learns the woman’s husband is the most powerful man in the city. However, he must find a way to take him down. Jake will be faced with the choice of continuing to live in the past or move forward toward a new beginning...with a surprising opportunity for a new romance.

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