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Pepys's Later Diaries

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Pepys never resumed the personal Diary which he abandoned in 1669 when he feared (wrongly) that he was going blind. He was one of the greatest accidental historians, never intending to record for posterity, only his own amusement. But he did write several short diaries or journals at various key moments in his later life. Each is a document of historical importance and all have the interest which attaches to any work of an acknowledged master of the diary form. C S Knighton, for the first time, makes these diaries available to the general reader. These fascinating documents enlarge and enhance our picture of Pepys as a politician and civil servant. As always with Pepys the tone is engaging and revealing - sometimes accidentally, as often in these documents Pepys is anxious to present himself in the best possible light and does not scruple to lay the blame for any mishaps on others.

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