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Theibes House

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After his wealthy mother dies, Thaddeus Theibes is furious when he inherits a pittance portion of the family's wealth compared to his older brother's lion's share. But when a besotted admirer bequeaths him two books of magical power, Thaddeus’ life will never be the same. And neither will the ill-fated denizens of Breton Washington.
Set on the windswept coast of Washington State, in the late 19th century. During a time when Jack the Ripper stalks the streets of London for his human victims and a madman cuts off his ear in pursuit of artistic genius, a gentleman from a prominent and wealthy family becomes the keeper of magic, created in the ancient past. At first, Thaddeus thinks he has acquired a great find to add to his antique book collection. Until mysterious and terrible things begin to happen to everyone around him and the finger of blame points directly at Thaddeus himself.

In Book Two of Keepers of the Ancient Tomes. Theibes House will have you shaking in your shoes. Look for Book One, The Wizard's Spell.

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