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The Night Warriors:The Warrior's Obsession

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Jay had been itching to touch Katerina's young adjustor Olanthe since the first night he had set his red vampire eyes on her. All his instincts had told him she was the one, his one true mate. The woman Fate had created to fulfill his soul and complete his immortal heart. There was only one problem, as a historical womanizer and insatiable heart breaker the former Norse prince was no prince Charming, and he would have to prove to everyone including himself that he was ready to be a one woman vamp.
Olanthe had all her dreams neatly planned out, she even knew the names of the children she would one day have. The appearance of a sexy as hell vampire had come like a tornado and thrown all her dreams into a spin. Everyone was telling her to stay away from the Night Warrior, and perhaps that would have been the safest way to put her dreams back in order, but there was something pulling her towards him and with the evil getting out of hand in Rivercast there was only one place where she felt safe; in his arms.

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