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Desire of the Gods

60 pages57 minutes


Paula Willis humours her superstitious neighbour by carrying out a love ritual with a little image of the Greek God Apollo. When he appears - incredibly golden, arrogant, muscular and overbearing, promising to grant her heart's desire - she assumes that's her ex Nick, who's walked out on her just weeks before their wedding.
Or isn't her heart's desire - just a bit - this impossible immortal?
Apollo's a vain, insensitive so-and-so, and when Eros sneakily puts a love dart in him, he snaps his eyes shut and insists on a blindfold. It wouldn't do at all for the Sun God to fall for an ordinary looking woman like Paula; he's got an image to keep up, after all.
Will the bossy Love Goddess Aphrodite help sort out their problems?
This sensual and amusing novella from Marianna Green, author of 'Colonel Brandon's Widow and Willoughby', is offered free on Smashwords and is the first in the series of 'Desire of the Gods'.

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