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Coxworth Academy 16

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Eleanor Coxworth is back for the 16th installment of the Coxworth Academy series. Her school is enjoying a two-week recess, and the college campus is nearly deserted. For the few students and staff members who remain on tropical Hesperides Island, however, the adult action continues unabated.

Despite the downtime, Mrs. Coxworth schedules an evening work session with her Personal Secretary, lovely Trinity Harts. Fun-loving Eleanor soon turns their business meeting into bawdy entertainment by introducing Trinity to her new museum of ancient erotic art. The X-rated collection is housed on her estate, in a replica of an ancient Greek temple called the Erechtheion. To accompany them and heighten their experience, Mrs. Coxworth has invited a pair of bodybuilding manservants in loincloths, Hercules and Mercury. Eleanor and Trinity take their escorts in tow, and during the ensuing tour, the sight of so much sexual artwork uplifts them all.

Three students are left alone on campus: Kyle, Seth, and coquettish Bess. The threesome agree to spend the next day horseback riding to the beach at the Bay of Baiae. Bess worries the guys by promising to wear a bikini, as long as they promise to leave their swimsuits at home. The coed keeps her word, and ensures that the men keep their word as well. Hand-in-hand, the trio of college students then walk the sandy beach, where unexpected encounters cause the guys' emotions to rise and fall.

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