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Mayan Calendar Girls: Digital Version

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Xchab just wants to quit being Mayan Village People and be a punker, Aphra wants to learn the secret of 2012 and sell it to the Republican election committee, Curtsy wants to work with dolphins--who she loves not wisely but too well-- Copper seeks only more money for her fire-dancing and scarier street drugs, MeiMei is trying to find the jade codex that might explain what happens when the world runs out of time, Loris just wants to maintain her proximity to the crystal skull that is either a prophet or architect of what comes down in 2012.
Hot, fun, sexy, and evolving: that's what these Calendar Girls are all about.

Toss in a Federal agent working for the Democrats, a hippie with a floating island, a surly Jetski gang, a mob heavy on his first 'shroom trip, and movie mania at Francis Ford Coppola's Belize retreat, and you just get the picture right there.

Or not.

Originally team-written as a weekly serial, later an amazing, award-winning ebook program, now appearing in print; Mayan Calendar Girls is coming to an ereader near you. Prove worthy and read it fast: there's only so much time in the bottle.

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