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Make It Scary

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My boss is crazy.

Angelina Martinez ~ I have to make the office spooky. Halloween it up. Not just a little bit. No, he wants to win a contest. This is going to be painful. Holidays are nothing more than a waste of time and money, right?
At the freaky Halloween store I jump into the arms of the most mesmerizing guy I’ve ever seen. With my heart pounding and my core heating up, I ask for his help.

Grayson Smith ~ The cute jumping angel on aisle nine takes my breath away and draws me like noise draws zombies.
One look into her eyes and I know I have to help her find her wings.

Warning: Adult content. This story could be offensive to some. HFN
Click ‘Look Inside’ or ‘Download Free Sample’ to follow Angelina around for a while.
First of three stories.

Bonus: Excerpt from Ruthless Santas (Grayson and Angelina-Christmas)!

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