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The Business, Book Two of Two

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When the police took the Lander sibling to jail. Leonora Hodge had decided to go into business with the butler James. At the same time, a relative to the Lander clan, Drew Paulsen had decided to take care of the Hodge family. So, he went up to the Hodge to set things right, he hadn't taken the butler James into his thoughts. With a perfect throw of one of his ninja stars James took care of this dangerous situation. The police came and took Drew to the holding cell. However, this police man new Drew since long ago, and helped him to escape. Drew went to see a cousin, a Elizabeth Crom, and her husband Dick. When Drew explained that he needed to vengeance his two brother Alfred and Paul, Dick decided to help Drew. Dick worked for a company selling everything for the office, and he had a delivery the following day. The two decided that Drew should follow when Dick delivered the furniture to the Hodge mansion the following morning, During the delivery, there was a police woman waiting for her partner to pick her up. And when all the furniture were in place, Drew took out his gun and told the old couple Hodge that it was time to settle an old score. When the police woman heard Drew, she came out and told him to put the gun on the floor. Quicker than she thought possible, Drew turned around and shot the woman, James that heard the shot came quickly, and a ninja star sat perfectly in Drew;s hand. The police woman's partner arrived, took her to the hospital, and Drew to jail. Then, and there it was decided that James where to teach the police how to take care of a dangerous situation without killing.

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