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An Enchanting Tale

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This is a fanfiction based on The Elder Scrolls series of video games and incorporates the worlds from Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. An Enchanting Tale is free, thus eliminating any copyright infringement. This novel is not intended for profit.

S'maash is a young dark elf bent on making new discoveries in the field of enchanting. After discouraging words form his fellow mages, S'maash and his brother, S'maath, venture into the dwemer ruin of Dmalzthur in an effort to discern just how the deep elves crafted items such as Volendrung, Keening, and Sunder, yet they find only death and ash in the ancient ruin. S'maash then travels into Cyrodiil, hoping to find some clues on the ayleids' enchanting practices. When things go awry in the ruin of Anutwyll, S'maash makes his final move into Skyrim, joins the College of Winterhold, and finds himself on a quest for the Daedric Prince of Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora.

The daemon sets the dunmer on a path to reforge the Heart of Lorkhan, meet the dwemer in their new city of Xranthrnl, and eventually break ground on unknown forms of enchanting. This is the perfect addition to The Elder Scrolls.

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