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Restitution: The Lledumar Saga, Book 3

423 pages5 hours


Months after the traumatic events on Lled that led to the downfall of a nuisance and an empire, the new Lledumar try to make the most of a bad situation. The fledgeling new Council, made up of Benedict Dlaand, Lyneer Ainndaar and Ryndeel Drinns, shakily tries to rebuild their world. For Drinns, the fight for survival was made all the more disstressing when she learned the effect Rhizikh's solution had had on Clynne Raxxman, the man she loves. He now suffers in some strange between-worlds mindscape, with little memory of what happened, and must make sense of his life through the eyes of others, and the strange memory-flashes he experiences. The new Council is eager to provide security for the Lledumar, but it feels it cannot achieve its goals without Raxxman because he and he alone, possesses the knowledge that will allow the new Council to take control of the derilict Jannaxian battlecruiser in orbit around Lled. Raxxman soon overcomes his personal demons and agrees to go to work for the new Lledumar, get control of the battelcruiser and establish a presence on the quadrant. But even as they bring safety and security to the new Lledumar, a forgotten menace appears on the horizon poised to send the new Lledumar to its personal Lledhala.

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