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The Chronicles of Anúrth, Book 1: Rómorin's Rise

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The Chronicles of Anúrth take place in the fantastical world of Anúrth. Inhabited by two major races, Man and Elvar, the world is about to be the staging ground for a war unlike anything seen before. Rómorin, of a species unknown to the races of the world, has carved out a kingdom for himself and wages war on his neighbouring countries. The Elfa Lords of the country Tangún border Rómorin directly and it is only by their Magickal might that he is kept at bay.

This first installment follows an exiled advisor to the King of Féhrin, banished for his use of illegal Magicks, on his journey south. The advisor becomes a part of the world's last hope - a group of beings of various races who band together to stop Rómorin. Dánin, the exile, learns more about the Magicks that got him banished in the first place. He is defenseless without them, and a being as powerful as the Lord of Shadow cannot be stopped by conventional means.

The old religion of the world begins to play a part in the fight for civilisation. Once a realm-spanning order, the religion of the Deific Seven died out long ago. No one knows exactly how or why, but when a legendary saint interferes with the struggle for the world the older beings of Anúrth take note.

Rómorin attacks from his fortress land of Móvalith, while also activating his sleeper agents in the most powerful country in the world. All seems lost, and the exiled advisor's party cannot help. It is up to unlikely heroes to defend the realm of Man from the Dark Lord's grasp.

Rómorin has taken an interest in the assembled party, and not for the obvious reasons. What does he want with Dánin, and how does that fit in with his plans to enslave the world? Rómorin wages war on the peoples of Anúrth for his own sinister purpose. If he succeeds civilisation will never be the same. Can Dánin stop the Dark Lord, or will Anúrth fall to darkness?

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