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Sudden Attraction

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Summer reached down to secure her skirt as a brisk breeze swept it up around her hips, revealing her shapely calves and her three inch heeled sandals. She knew the image had to scream pure sex to anyone watching but she didn’t care. The déjàvu of Marilyn Monroe in the Seven Year Itch made her smile as an annoying wolf’s whistle broke the tranquil moment. An overexcited young man waved from his convertible sports car as he passed.
“Another admirer, I see,” her friend Becky quipped, her brown eyes full of laughter over Summer’s ‘don’t give a shit’ expression.
Summer groaned, “You get your fair share of attention,
Besides, you know as well as I do that man was thinking with a head neither of us could see.” The male sexual preferences were a constant conversation topic for the two women. Neither of them could rationalize why men did what they did.
“You’re probably right,” Becky laughed.
Summer opened the door following Becky into the foyer of Louiggi’s, knowing it was going to be impossible to get a table. The restaurant was a very popular lunch spot and if you didn’t arrive early, you were out of luck.
They’d worked at Johnson Advertising well past noon, putting the final changes to a sales presentation for a newly acquired manufacturing company. The contract had included
monetary incentives for every day they completed the presentation ahead of schedule. Before leaving the office, they’d placed the finished product on their boss’s desk. Becky then suggested they come to Louiggi’s to celebrate and Summer agreed.
Smiling, Summer stood back and watched her friend’sdetermination build as she approached the host. The woman was no match for Becky when she’d made up her mind. She only half listened to their conversation as she scanned the room noting the size of the crowd. I’ve never seen this many people here before.
Summer thoughts went over everything they’d accomplished this morning. The full court press on acquiring the new client, as well as finishing early, would mean a bonus in her paycheck next week. She knew exactly where she wanted to spend the money. Since her husband, Todd, had started his law practice, money had been tight. This bonus would allow
them to put a down payment on a home of their own.
Her reflections turned to Todd. There was a tension between them; a tension she couldn’t explain. He worked a lot of late nights and maybe the long hours were the issue, but Summer wasn’t convinced it was the only problem. In fact, she’d often thought there might be another woman keeping him away from home. Not wanting to go down that path, she dismissed her concerns and concentrated again on the crowded room.
Summer’s attention locked on a gorgeous male specimen setting by the window, having lunch with a sultry red-haired woman. As their eyes locked, the intense emerald green color of his dumbfounded her. The intensity with which he stared was a sexual lure drawing her into his intimate web.

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