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Lambchop Battles the Sexist Pigs

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The author wrote three novels between 2011 and 2015.

Then he had a massive stroke and brain surgery.

As the luckiest soul in America, he began 2016 hobbling through a hospital. While everyone else spent 2016 enduring a miserable election, he merely had to learn to walk and read and talk again. The goal was, “survive.”

But as a professional writer for decades, the author tested abilities, writing letters and social media, to test short-length writing. He did three- and four-page letters on a manual, to test medium-length work.

To test long-form writing, this author took an exercise of a fourth novel. Gut earlier work. Throw out major characters. Add new ones. Put it into the White House. Ask the question, "What if hate wins?" The first chapter appeared on Smashwords in summer of 2016. In January 2017, four chapters were posted, as a writing exercise only.

As abilities rose, he took up a major exercise, of fundamentally cleaning earlier novels, focusing on, "ANGEL BABY," which first appeared in 2014, and all scenes, characters, and directions exist intact.

A sexual predator using hatred as a tool to run for president, and starts with a Senate confirmation hearing. All appeared in 2014, with the exception of Groucho, Harpo and Chico, as characters to weave the existing work more closely together. The original novel almost appears a prophesy, of hatred ripping America apart. "Angel Baby" -- like Jeckle and Hyde – ain’t just fiction.

Once "Angel Baby" was completed in early September, the author turned to the fourth novel – “Love and Hate in America,” of a sexual predator who wins the White House. It BEGAN as a writing exercise. It REMAINS a writing exercise.

The "Lambchop Battles the Sexist Pigs" story that appeared in January 2017 now has the first two chapters heavily edited, and the third and fourth chapters untouched.

When the author turned to the second chapter, it went from the earlier version – of timidly crossing the Center Hall of the main Residence building of the White House -- to instead become a trip through Hell itself. Chapter two is outrageous. People will hate it. Or love it. The second chapter almost appears to be insanity itself. But it is JUST an exercise.

Chapters three and four, having been written within a year of a major stroke, appear with the inabilities of a poorly-written book that appearance in January 2017. The author's brain had been sliced open, so writing is poorly created, poorly structured, poorly edited, and downright cloudy headed. It is an exercise after a stroke and brain surgery.

While the first three novels hold up as a decent book ("Hope for Change"), a good book ("Fighting America's Invisible Wars") and even a “near-great” book ("Angel Baby"), the fourth book is not worthy of even being called a book.

So, while the author hopes you enjoy the four chapters, he understands if you view the work as pathetic. If you wish to email the author, visit his website, at, and there is a link.

Thanks for taking time to look at this message.

-- Billy

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