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Guarding Red Riding Hood (Book 2 of the Connors)

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Daniel Connor was assigned to protect a potential witness and daughter of a Senator from a drug lord who would soon be in custody and eventually stand trial for it. They thought the girl was romantically involved with the drug dealer. However as it turns out, Gabby Winslow was a teacher and the only reason she was at Joe Beaton's apartment was because she wanted to save Joe's son. Tony had black and blue marks all the time on his body, and Gabby was constantly sending him to the nurse. Not only that Tony had been absent so much they expelled him several times. So since no one else would look into Tony's problems, Gabby took it upon herself to talk to the father. Big mistake. Joe didn't like people nosing into his business, whether it was his business or his kid, he didn't like it. He locked Gabby in the apartment and kept her there for three weeks because she threatened to call CPS. So it was up to Daniel to save her, and now the kid too!

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