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She-Hag and the Night Mare Legend: She-Hag series, #1

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Just an ordinary teenager living an un-extraordinary life in a busy city; unremarkable from the crowds and un-noticed by the world - But when Travis and his virtually single mother, Sharon, turn up on the door step of his estranged, extended family in the Welsh hills it proves to be a spoke in the wheel of an ancient battle between secret and hidden communities that live, undetected, among us.

The town's folk are becoming increasingly tired and irritable due to an unexplained outbreak of widespread paranormal nightmares. What could be causing such an all pervasing phenomena? Who is capturing the latent energy of these nightmares? And why?

Cataclysmic cabals are forming; Witches and Werewolves, Druids and Demons, Humans and Vampires are all being pulled inextricably towards a sub-human, supernatural battle. As archaic magic and primeval power inevitably clash, Travis gradually uncovers an age-old war where he is pushed by all those involved to choose a side. Even more dramatically; it begins to dawn on Travis that his life and Time-Line appear to be far more intrinsically linked and woven into the mystical events being unearthed than he could ever have imagined.

Celtic Mythology and Contemorary Conflict magically collide in 'She-Hag and the Night Mare Legend'.

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