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Annihilate Them

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RECENTLY OPTIONED BY HOLLYWOOD TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE!  The series with more than two million books sold!

Nothing is deeper than the love they share for each other—or deadlier than the evil they can't escape.

Jennifer and Alexander Wenn are Manhattan's elite 'it' couple, two people deeply in love who belong to a glittering society—and who are beloved by the city they call their home.  

Their love for each other is true, profound, fierce, and also fiercely protective, which is vital since one man is hellbent on destroying them as he plots his deadly revenge. 

In Annihilate Them, expect a devastating and suspenseful series of events in a heart-wrenching story that's as much about love as it is about loss and death. 

With Christina Ross' gift for delivering a stunning series of twists, turns, romance, suspense, wit, and action, Annihilate Them will have readers screaming one minute, and swooning the next.

It is Ross' most arresting, heart-stopping book yet.

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