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Reactor Safeguards: International Series of Monographs on Nuclear Energy

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Reactor Safeguards focuses on the measures and approaches in the safeguard of reactors.
The book first discusses the development of nuclear reactors, including the emergence of radiation hazards, construction of nuclear reactors in Chicago, and containment of reactors. The text also focuses on radioactive materials; reactor kinetics; and control and safety systems of reactors.
The text discusses the containment of nuclear reactors. Topics include nuclear excursions; combustion of reactor materials; melting of reactor fuels; design of containment structures; and size of breaks or leaks in cooling systems. The text also describes the dispersion of radioactive materials,
including problems in operations, diffusion theory, and nomograms for graphical solutions.
The book also highlights the possible damages that a nuclear reactor accident can produce. Considerations include the permissible dose of radiation, exposure to nuclear radiations, and evacuation from a contaminated area.
The text is a valuable source of data for readers, engineers, and physicists who are responsible in hazard analysis and site selection.

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