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Properties and Applications of Transistors

416 pages


Properties and Applications of Transistors focuses on the evolution of transistors as one of the essential elements of modern electronics.
The book first provides information on the physical principles of transistors, including conductivity of semiconductors, junction transistors, and transistor technology. The text also looks at the general discussion of linear two-ports. Topics include equivalent circuits for a two-port; relations between the two-ports corresponding to the possible methods of connection of transistors; and elements of matrix algebra.
The selection also highlights the capabilities of transistors as linear-amplifiers. The stability and neutralization of transistors; measurement of power gain; transistors with complex base resistance; and point contact transistors at low frequencies are discussed.
The text also looks at the maximum ratings of transistors, including maximum voltage and current, cooling by natural convection, and thermal runaway.
The book is a vital reference for readers wanting to study transistors.

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