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Control of Ovulation: Proceedings of the Conference Held at Endicott House, Dedham, Massachusetts, 1960

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Control of Ovulation focuses on the process of ovulation.
The book first discusses the research on the functions of the pituitary gonadotropins in the induction of ovulation in rats. Summary and conclusions are provided. The text underscores follicular development and ovular maturation and ovulation in ovarian tissues transplanted to the eyes. Morphologic observations; fertility of follicular ova from ovarian transplants; and rate of formation of maturing follicles are described.
The selection also explains the functions of steroids in the control of mammalian ovulation; interactions between the central nervous system and hormones triggering ovulation; and the pituitary stalk and ovulation. The text also highlights the interactions between the central nervous system and hormones influencing ovulation. Topics include effects of high dosages of estrogen or testosterone; afterreaction to coitus; effects of new progestogens; and effects of pituitary and placental hormones.
The book also takes note of the relationship of the preoptic region of the brain with ovulation. The text also looks at the mechanisms that control the ovulation of avian and mammalian follicles and hormonal augmentation of fertility in cattle and sheep.
The selection is a vital source of reference for readers interested to study the process of ovulation.

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